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Endings, Beginnings



Cast: Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan, Jamie Dornan

Director: Drake Doremus

Producers: Francis Chung, Tae-sung Jeong, Robert George, Drake Doremus

Production Company: CJ Entertainment

Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Woodley makes Daphne both exasperating and beguiling, and Doremus uses the

rhythms of her life - tentative, uncertain, haunted by events that are gradually revealed -

to inform the pace of the movie.

-Steve Pond, The Wrap

A return to form for indie darling Drake Doremus, who brings his nuance, sensitivities,

and homespun feel to a love-triangle set-up.

-Ian Freer, Empire Magazine

Endings, Beginnings maybe/perhaps/finally brings Doremus' legacy of unrequited

love to the conclusion we all must come to -- the person one needs to love the most

is one's self.

-Nicholas Bell, IONCINEMA

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