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Woodstock 99:

Peace, Love & Rage

Director & Co-Editor


Producers: Bill Simmons, Adam Gibbs, Sean Keegan

Production Companies: HBO Documentary Films, Ringer Films, Polygram Entertainment

Network: HBO


Woodstock 99 is a must-watch documentary that reminds us, yet again, about

history's inevitable ability to repeat itself.

-Kristen Lopez, indieWire

This hard-hitting doc is like Summer of Soul in reverse -- instead of a feel-good music

celebration, it's a long day's journey into "Break Stuff."

-Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

All in all, the '99 fest was a vortex of cynicism that might seem impossible to replicate. Still,

the documentary is so vivid as to instill dread at the thought of all the gatherings to come.

-Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic

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