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Love, Antosha

Director & Editor


Producers: Drake Doremus, Adam Gibbs

Production Company: Lurker Films

Distributor: Giant Pictures


Though clearly an adoring tribute, Love, Antosha allows its subject a sort of complicated humanity

that expands our understanding of him.

-Roxana Hadadi, AV Club

Price has given us Yelchin's most complete performance: himself. It is a cinematic gift to

contemporary film fans everywhere.

-G. Allen Johnson, SF Chronicle

[An] affectionate, heartbreaking documentary...

-Glenn Kenny, New York Times

It's a film made with as much love for its subject as the subject harbored for his friends and family.

-Danny Hensel, NPR

A touching and surprising portrait of an actor who had much more going on in his life - from a serious illness to some seriously left-field artistic inclinations - than was mentioned in his obituaries.

-Andrew Barker, Variety

"Love, Antosha" gives Yelchin's co-workers and the people who knew him best a chance to describe what made him so extraordinary.

-Kenneth Turan, LA Times

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