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Janis: Little 



Director: Amy Berg

Producers: Alex Gibney, Jeff Jampol, Katherine LeBlond

Production Companies: Disarming Films, Jigsaw Productions

Distributor: FilmRise, PBS


Girl Blue

From this pastiche Joplin emerges as we've never seen her before, articulate, ambitious, torn between

her wild self and her desperate need for stability.

-Lorraine Ali, Los Angeles Times

Sweet and wild and vividly alive, she takes a little piece of your heart when she goes.

-Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

It grounds us so effectively in Joplin's emotional realm as to partially rekindle the social transcendence that

her voice must have represented for its owner.

-Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

It's the satisfying feature-length overview that Joplin's brief, fiercely brilliant career has long merited.

-Guy Lodge, Variety

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